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Chip and Fracture Resistant Crowns and Bridges


Do you have trouble with breaking your teeth or breaking your porcelain on your crowns or bridge work?   

We offer chip and fracture resistant Brux-Zir Porcelain crowns and bridges.  These crowns and bridges are designed and milled using CAD/CAM computer technology and are milled from solid Zirconia blocks.  They are then sintered for 2 hours at 1,530 degrees Celsius to achieve optimum and exceptional strength. 

I have been doing Brux-Zir crowns and bridges for several years with great success.

If you are a bruxer, tooth grinder, clincher and are prone to fractures in your teeth, this porcelain crown is for you. 

Made in the USA 

 All of Dr. Alexander’s dental appliances, crowns, bridges, veneers, full dentures, partial dentures, and implant prosthetics are made in labs located in the USA. Some dentists have their dental products manufactured in Mexico and China.

Dr. Alexander’s crown, bridge, and implant cases all go to Glidewell Laboratories in California.  Glidewell is an industry leading provider of high quality dental lab products.  They also have an excellent research and development department.  So you can be assured we provide you with the latest state of the art dental products. 


This device is for TMJ treatment and migraine relief.  The device provides therapy for bruxism, TMJ pain, migraine headaches and tension type headaches. 

The NTI-TSS Plus Device protects teeth, muscles and joints by suppressing intense muscle contraction by almost 70%.  The device was originally developed to prevent migraine pain and is proven to be a superior alternative to full coverage bite guards.  Full coverage and over the counter bite guards cannot suppress parafunctional strong muscles contractions and can exacerbate symptoms.  The NTI is a small custom fit clear thermo-formed appliance that fits over the upper or lower front teeth and worn during sleep. 

An upper and lower nighttime and daytime appliance is indicated for migraine sufferers.  


 Oral Cancer Screening


In addition to Dr. Alexander’s routine oral, head and neck cancer screening, he offers an oral cancer exam that uses fluorescence technology.  An oral cancer screening light allows Dr. Alexander to identify oral cancer and pre-cancer at an earlier stage that could save your life. The exam can distinguish between healthy cells and abnormal cells because the latter will appear dark due to the lack of fluorescence. 

When oral cancer is found at an early stage (stage I or II), oral cancer has an 80%-90% survival rate.  The problem is that 63% of oral cancers are found in late stages (stage III or IV), resulting in a mortality rate of 43% within 5 years for all stages combined. 

Fluorescence technology allows clinicians to identify oral cancer at earlier stages.  This is the same medical technology used to diagnose cancer in the GI tract, cervix, lungs and skin.   

A new recent challenge to early discovery (and resulting better outcomes) is the advent of a new virus, HPV16, contributing more to the incidence of oral cancers, particularly in the posterior part of the mouth.  Cancer in this area many times does not produce visible lesions or discolorations that have historically been the early warning signs of the disease process. 

The changes in adult sexual behaviors over the last few decades, and which are continuing today, are increasing the spread of the oncogenic HPV virus. 

So you don’t have to be an old smoker and or alcohol drinker to develop oral cancer.  Young people are spreading cancer HPV virus (HPV 16 and 18) thru various sexual behaviors causing oral and cervical cancer, as well as cancers of the anus and penis.

Today 40% of oral cancer diagnosis are young and non-smokers.


                                                                          Cosmetic Dentistry


Our cosmetic services include at home bleaching, in-office bleaching and porcelain veneers. 

We use the Kor Bleaching technique.  Bleach loses its effectiveness when not refrigerated.  Our bleaching products are refrigerated as soon as they are manufactured, shipped on dry ice and refrigerated immediately. 


                                                                        Periodontal (Gum) Care


Our hygiene services provide you with preventive and non-surgical periodontal treatment.  We also work closely with a periodontist in our area to provide you with the best possible gum care.


                                                                        Sleep Apnea and Anti-Snoring

We offer the latest and newest appliances for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.  These appliances hold the lower jaw in a forward position, maintaining a clear airway to reduce snoring and improve breathing. 



Dr. Alexander’s lab fabricates custom dentures using high quality acrylics and teeth. 

Every denture is tried in and customized before it is finished, this assures as comfortable and functional denture as possible and provides a life like smile. 

Dr. Alexander also provides implant supported dentures that provide better function and stability.



                                                                      Removable Partial Dentures


Dr. Alexander provides cast metal framework removable partial dentures for strength and durability. 

Our office provides metal free flexible thermoplastic removable partial dentures.  This material  is biocompatible and provides life like esthetics and blends with the patient’s natural surrounding tissues.  The material adapts well to both hard and soft tissues and is quite popular with the patients.


                                                                                  Implant Restorations


Dr. Alexander works with a local periodontist to provide all of your implant needs.  Dr. Alexander offers implant supported crown and dentures.


                                                                         Emergency Dental Treatment


If you have a severe injury call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.  All other urgent emergencies, please call the office number for instructions and assistance.


                                                                             Endodontic Treatment


Dr. Alexander has a team of local endodontists to which he refers patients to provide you the highest possible root canal treatment.  New root canal technology provides you with fast, efficient and comfortable root canal appointments.








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